Dear Member

On the behalf of the Executive of Wiffa, I wish you a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 2018 and beyond. The past year has been quite challenging and no doubt most of those challenges will prevail in the future.

We, as a group, must continue to be our brothers’ keeper, looking out for each other and offering our help and support when it matters .Most of us are at an age where we need to pay more attention to our health issues and indeed to recognise such in our members, to this we will seek to give you more information on these issues by way of in- house discussions.

Some of our members do not attend many, if any meetings hence sometimes find themselves not familiar with what really take place. We try to capture most of this in the minutes which are sent our regularly for your information. You will always be notified of any changes of our activities.

There has been changes in the way we deal with any Benevolent Contributions and has been for the past three (3) years however some members appear not to be familiar with these changes.(a copy can be obtained from the secretary by request)

Our dedicated Welfare team will try to make contact by telephone with any member who we have not seen or heard from over a specified period of time to ensure that they are Ok. This is however optional and if you rather not be contacted please let us know. We will assume that you are willing to have that telephone call unless you say otherwise.

Please download the Valentines Flyer

I do apologise to any member who has not received a Birthday, Sympathy or Get Well card in 2017. This was due to a misunderstanding, however we have now made some changes to rectify this.

I do look forward to seeing you at some of our meetings when possible or if you are unable to attend, an apology for absence when necessary.




PS : Please note that the next General meeting is on 21st January and the members’ dinner is on the 28th January commencing at 4.00pm.

There is a charge of £10.00 per head in advance. Book by 21st.We need to have the correct numbers for catering purposes.



We have a list of events which take place throughout the year. There are many events that cost little or no money so we hope that everyone will be able to attend

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Have a read of all our latest news stories. If you have a story that you think our members could benefit from please let us know so we can publish it. Let us know if there is anything going on in your local area that member should be aware of.